For a better credit

What is Bering ?

Bering is a technological product, made of algorithms, allowing to audit historical credit databases, to aggregate complementary data and to redefine the credit score.


Audit databases


Aggregate additional data


Redefining the credit grant score

Why use Bering ?

Bering allows you to improve your understanding of good and bad payers and redefines more finely the influential factors and repayment behaviors. Bering increases the number of good payers by an average of 10% while decreasing the bad ones by an average of the same percentage in your next grant of credit. In short, Bering allows you to accept more good payers while minimizing the risk of default.


Starting point


Redefining influential factors


Accept more good payers

How does it work ?

Our technology is based on the understanding of your database and the aggregation of open data available on the Internet. We correlate the whole dataset and define more accurate grant scores.

Let's talk about it

Bering is a product created by the R&D of the 10h11 company. We invite you to contact our team directly via the contact form on our website. We will come back to you shortly.